Domestic abuse is a crime that is gaining more and more public exposure. Those in the know about the subject suggest that breaking the cycle of abuse is paramount to eventually ridding society of this horrible act.

In the meantime protecting those victims of domestic abuse has been the focus of debate in the Louisiana House of Representatives. Legislation passed the House yesterday that would allow victims of domestic abuse the right to carry a concealed weapon for 45 days without training.

Valarie Hodges a Representative from Denham Springs explained to the Louisiana Radio Network why there was the need to allow an immediate permit for a concealed weapon with out the mandatory training.

Right now, the problem that we’re having is these concealed carry permit classes can take up to 8 to 10 weeks to go get a class.

Hodges went on to explain that quite often victims of domestic abuse and violence feel powerless against their attackers.  

The legislation was met with debate in the House as not all members felt this particular strategy would be in the best interest of all victims.

If this individual is being abused, they might forget to put it away, they might have it on them and kids might get a hold of it. That’s my concern and it’s happened a lot.

The words of Baton Rouge Representative Patricia Smith who voted against the legislation.

The bill will now head for the Senate chambers for more debate and discussion.


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