Is it possible to make a bet and have everyone be a winner? I think it is. Houston Texas businessman Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale promised his customers a refund if the Astros won the World Series. The Astros did and Mattress Mack is going to have to pay up and he couldn't be more thrilled to do so. 

McIngvale's Gallery Furniture Stores made the deal with Houstonians in the wake of the flooding of Hurricane Harvey. The deal was this if customers spent more than $3,000 on a mattress the purchase price would be refunded if the 'Stros won the series. Those refund checks are going to total about $10 million.

I hope in business classes around the country educators will take note of this. Not because of the publicity that "Mattress Mack" is getting but because of the loyalty this businessman has shown to his community.

During the flooding of Hurricane Harvey McIngvale's stores became beacons of hope for those who had lost so much. His stores opened their doors and allowed people a place to use a restroom, clean up, and just take a break from the devastation.

The Astros and the city of Houston used "Houston Strong" as a rallying cry throughout the flood and the recovery. Mattress Mack has shown that it's possible to be " Houston Strong" and "Houston Human" because the bottom line isn't padded with dollars it's powered by people.

When you think about it Mr. McIngvale is paying $10 million for something that is priceless. I would say he's getting a bargain and in this case, there are no losers in a friendly baseball wager.


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