This is the true meaning of Christmas.

Watch as a man in Houston stops to give a homeless guy $5, but when he finds out why he wants a bus ticket to Alabama, more happens here.

The homeless guy informs the man who just gave him money that he just wants to get back home, to Alabama, to be with his family.

After hearing this, the man who is driving says to the homeless man to get into his car because he was going to buy him the bus ticket he needs to get home.

You can hear in their voices that both men are emotional at that point.

According to the good samaritan in the video below, the homeless man went to Houston to look for work and has been living under overpasses.

I wanted to share this video with all of you because, in my opinion, this is the true meaning to the holidays. This man is now with his family in Alabama for the holidays because of the kindness of a fellow citizen.

Let's all do our part this holiday season to make someone smile.


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