My family and I moved in to our to our new house three months ago. Everything has been great, but I've got one small problem. Our cat Piper constantly digs up the mulch in the front of my house. I'm looking for your help to see if you have any tips that can help me get her to stop.

We've had many conversations with Piper about her actions, and although she tells us over and over that she'll stop, she never does.

You should also know that Piper thinks she's a dog. She fetches. I'll put the video below.

It looks like she's digging to try and catch something like a mole, but I haven't seen any signs of any. It could be she's digging it up like a litter box, but I haven't seen any evidence of that either.

I've read that orange oil is supposed to keep cats from doing this. We've tried that and it's not working.

Have you ever had this problem? If so, and if you've figured out how to make it stop, how did you do it?

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