A new study according to Headwater Holidays has examined just how happy 'happy couples' are.  Experts think they have found the key to a successful, happy marriage.  Although cuddling here and there, kissing a couple times, and holding hands helps; there is a little more to it. 

Happy couples should go on at least two vacations annually and two or more long weekend trips.  They say "I love you" four and half times a week, but try to say it as much as you can.  Lingering kisses six times a week is key to keeping the spark.  They go out to dinner three times a month and go out for drinks together just as often.  Happy couples go out with friends WITHOUT their spouse twice a month.  Two deep, meaningful conversations and one healthy argument each week helps keep each other in tune with the relationship.  Last but not least, successful couples have/try to have sex at least twice a week... and cuddle five and a half times.  Remember, surprising your spouse with a romantic gesture a couple times a month is a great way to remind that person how much you care about them.  Give your relationship a mini-makeover by squeezing these simple, love gestures into your every day routine.

Thank you Headwater Holidays for you interesting take on spicy relationships.  I, Jill The Almost Invisible Intern, would like to know if there really is a perfect relationship?  Can couples really be happy 24/7?  No, I don't think there is a perfect relationship by any means, but I do feel that every person can always do a little more to heat things up.  With the busy world we live in, it is extremely hard to make time to go out to dinner, have deep, meaningful conversations, and take long weekend vacations.  I believe much of the reason why relationships are put on the back burner is because of our fast-paced surroundings and the media.  It's so easy to leave your relationship in the dust when we have television, internet, etc to run to.  At the end of the day be sure to remember that that special person was put into your life for a reason, and you once had very strong feelings for them.  Try to reconnect with those feelings and see where your relationship goes from there.  A happy couple equals happy individuals!

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