Is Hunter Hayes, one of country music's cutest, most talented and most eligible bachelors, about to come off the market? Could be, as it's being said that he and singer/actress Selena Gomez -- who recently ended her very public two-year romance with Justin Bieber -- were seen flirting and even exchanged digits.

Gomez, 20, and Hayes, 21, reportedly met one another at a Los Angeles concert that took place on Feb. 10, according to supermarket mag Life & Style. The two are said to have traded phone numbers at that time.

Gomez, a former Disney queen, has been traipsing across Europe promoting her against-type new film 'Spring Breakers.' So if she and Hayes did swap cell numbers, they could veritably remain in contact by texting across oceans.

Both Hayes and Gomez are young, good-looking and talented, so a romance blossoming between them wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world, despite the fact that both are crazy busy with work. A relationship would, however, shatter the hearts of the Hayniacs that adore the blonde Grammy nominee.

If nothing else, the story is believable, but does Hayes have room in his busy schedule for such a high-profile romance? The young performer is currently on the Blown Away Tour with Carrie Underwood and will make a pit stop into Taste of Country's first-ever music festival this summer.

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