When my family packs to go on an outing that requires an early morning getaway time we always pack the car the night before. It makes it so much easier to get up and get showered and then get underway. A  lot of hunters like to utilize that strategy as well. However, officials with Department of Wildlife and Fisheries remind you to not leave your guns in your vehicles, ever.

Every year thousands of firearms are stolen from vehicles. The sad part is in many cases the owner of the vehicle and the weapons didn't even bother to lock the truck. So not only are you out the money you've invested in your guns but your guns are now on the streets in the hands of people who might not have an honorable use for them.

The recent cold weather this past weekend created a small spike in gun theft reports in the central and northern parts of the state and in the neighboring Texas Officials even reported one incident where a hunter went outside to crank his truck to warm it up, left the engine running, and came back to find all of his guns gone.

All good hunters know the importance of common sense. Don't let the early hour of the day or the desire to get a jump on the hunt create a situation that turns out to be bad for everyone.



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