Lucille Ball may be one of the most influential people in the American entertainment industry. The ideas and concepts in not only presentation but production of her iconic TV show I Love Lucy have been the building blocks of modern day TV around the world. Now we get word that CBS is giving us a holiday treat for Christmas.

Mark you calendar for December 20th, when for the first time ever you and I will get to see the I Love Lucy Christmas Episode in color. Instead of black and white we will see Lucy and Ricky, Fred and Ethel in red and green and all the colors of the rainbow.

As you might imagine the reviews of this particular project have been met with positive and negative comments. There are those that feel the iconic show should be left as it was and treated with respect not technology. Still there are those that embrace the addition of color to an already brilliant show. How do you feel about colorizing classic TV shows and movies?

Would you like to see just how red Lucy's hair really is? We have a sneak peek for you to see!