A message from Tracy from KATC: I have a confession to make... I HATE grocery shopping. (I know... you never thought you'd see ME use shopping and hate in the same sentence.) I never know what to buy. I mean, I buy what I THINK my family likes and then I get it home later with 28 shopping bags only to hear "we don't have anything good to eat."

UGH! And then there's the cost! You'd swear I was feeding a small army. Heck, there's only 4 of us! So the other day, I went to the grocery store. Needed milk (when don't we?). $4.49! At a normal grocery story! Are you kidding me? Bread was over $2 a loaf. I'm a frugal shopper. I've got lots of tricks to save, although they don't involve coupons because I'm just not that organized (I wish I were). $4.49 for a gallon of milk! And we go through two gallons a week! That's $36 a month! On milk! I'm giving myself an anxiety attack writing this so I will share with you some tips our friends at KATC shared with viewers/users on their website to help cut corners. Some of them are drastic but desperate times call for desperate measures... and hopefully, not a lot of milk!

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