Changes are coming to Iberia Parish schools in the way they approach their classroom day. The Iberia Parish School Board, in their meeting last night, voted to change the school day schedule from a four-block schedule to a seven-period schedule.

The Board approved the proposal to change the class schedules after hearing from parents, students, and teachers on both sides of the issues. One of the most prominent points mentioned in the discussion about changing the class schedule had to do more with college than high school.

Proponents of the seven-period format cited examples of students performing better on college entrance exams like the ACT when their school day was a multiple period day as opposed to the block format.  Opponents of the seven-period format cited concerns over student workload including homework and the effect the schedule change might have on extracurricular activities.

In the end, the proposed change was approved. The new class schedules will affect all students enrolled in Iberia Parish Schools. Parents who have questions or concerns are invited to contact the School Board Office or they may simply contact the administration of their child's school.


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