If you find a carton of eggs at your local Acadiana supermarket, you'd better snatch them up while they're still available. The egg shortage is about to get even more serious.

Have you noticed the price of eggs in Acadiana has skyrocketed in the past few months? Supermarkets are selling a dozen eggs for about $4.33, up from $1.33 about a year ago (according to Urner Barry, a food market data company).

US farmers have lost over 60 million chickens to avian flu. That means 60 million fewer eggs per day in this country. Factor in the cost of feed, transportation and the cost of replacement birds and that's why eggs are so expensive.

The USDA claims about 60 million birds have died due to the avian flu so far, driving up the cost of eggs. Yet the demand for eggs in the US is down only by about 2%.

The egg shortage is about to get very real and may take months to recover. Experts recommend shopping early in the morning on weekdays after stores have restocked.

In a controversial video, one UK farmer is blaming grocery store chains for the high costs of eggs, not the avian flu.

Eggs are good for your eyes because of the amount of lutein they contain. The color of the eggshell and yolk vary in color and size and have zero effect on taste.

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