As Phase One of the Reopening of Louisiana is underway, so are calls from contact tracers.

Contact tracers are being trained and are calling people across the state. Over 300 of these "investigators" are asking questions and informing people if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus. The identity of the person who tested positive won't be revealed by the contact tracers, according to Governor John Bel Edwards.

Governor Edwards asks if you get a call from a number that reads 877-766-2130, "please answer."

He says this process has been used in Louisiana before.

“It was used with respect to smallpox to suppress deadly diseases like tuberculosis and Hepatitis A,” says Gov. Edwards.

Please note that there may be other numbers that begin with "877.." that could contact you that are not associated with contact tracing.

Twitter snapshot
Twitter snapshot


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