If you are a bargain shopper like I am, then you've probably perused the aisles at Goodwill retail stores a time or two. You can find some incredible bargains, including expensive items that still have the price tag on them. I'm not ashamed to admit that I love to get blue jeans at Goodwill, mainly because they are almost always 'broken in', and ready to wear!

Good Housekeeping has some great tips about items to definitely not pass up if you happen to be shopping in your local Goodwill retail location. You never know, you might find some diamonds in the ruff next time you go in. Happy shopping, y'all.

  • Silverware. Remember, real silver could be tarnished, but it could also be Tiffany or Gorham
  • Jadeite Dishware. These mint colored vintage items could really be valuable, especially if they are from the 1930's.
  • First Edition Books. You can look up the value with a website called AbeBooks.com
  • Depression Era Glassware. The pink tinted Anchor Hocking items seem to be a thrift store favorite, and could be worth some big bucks
  • Fancy Picture Frames. Gilded and elaborate frames can sometimes be worth more than the picture inside them
  • Vintage Globes. These decorator pieces can be pricey, but they are worth the money, especially if they contain countries that have been re-named
  • Pyrex Dishware. The brightly colored version of these beloved kitchen staples can go for big bucks on re-sale sites
  • Luggage Sets. The older the better, especially if they are from a well known company, like Louis Vuitton
  • Vintage Canning Jars. Ball is the most well know brand, and you can probably pick some up that were actually used for food storage, and not arts and crafts.
  • Arts and Crafts Furniture. And we're not talking about Hobby Lobby items, but pieces from the early 1900's on up. Anthing made by famed designer Gustav Stickley is pure gold, for sure.

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