Why is it when the story is good we rank bad but when the story is bad we rank good? Or should I say we rank worse because being good on the bad list is not the way you want your state to be portrayed.

Here we go again, Louisiana is ranked 3rd per capita nationally in a rather disturbing category, inappropriate teacher/student relationships.

Terry Abbot is a former Chief of Staff at the United States Department of Education. He now works with a group known as Drive West Communications. The findings of his group revealed some very unsettling facts about our educational system. He also pointed a lot of the reason for this behavior directly at social media. 

"39% of the cases involved teachers reaching out on social media to students and having private electronic communications, sometimes in the middle of the night,"

Abbot's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

There have already been six reported cases of inappropriate student/teacher relationships already this year. In case you've forgotten, it's only January. Abbot and his group suggest that it's time school boards, school districts, and the court system get serious about this issue.

"We have too many teachers who commit sexual assaults of children and then wind up without any jail time,"
Abbot suggests that lawmakers create mandatory sentences and pass tougher laws and penalties for those who are convicted of such behavior.
In case you're wondering what the other states are that should be ashamed. Alabama ranked first, then Kentucky, Louisiana, Vermont, and Mississippi.