It's a natural, you take the kids to the zoo, you stop by the monkey house and you want to take some pictures of your cousins. The trouble is your cousins, the monkeys, don't really want to sit still for a family portrait. Here is how you can get some amazing zoo video and have your subjects almost begging to be on camera. As you will see later in the video it also works on humans.

So Mom and Dad perhaps this little trick might be just the thing to capture some amazing shots of your toddler or newborn. After all we are all fascinated with our own appearance. If you do give this a try, please share the video or pictures with us.

My kids are teenagers and they don't even look up when I walk in the room, I wonder where they get there disdain for cameras from? Maybe the radio station can use this trick the next time they want to get a picture of me with out a distressed look on my face.