Louisiana is suffering a serious drought right now resulting in the entire state being placed under a burn ban. Unfortunately, with droughts and 100 degree plus temperatures come wildfires.

How many wildfires are burning in Louisiana, and where? There's a map for that.

LNU Lightning Complex Fire Burns In Napa County
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Louisiana Wildfire Map

Have you noticed the slight haze and smell of burning leaves in Acadiana over this past week?

The reason why is because of the wildfires burning around Louisiana.

Some of these fires are smaller in nature, but there are a few that are very serious, burning over 10,000 acres of land and forcing mandatory evacuations in parts of Louisiana.

From APNews.com -

"Hundreds of wildfires are burning in Louisiana, as triple-digit temperatures continue to scorch parts of the state amid little chance of relief because of the lack of rain in the forecast."

As volunteer and mandatory evacuations continue to be ordered around Louisiana, it's helpful to know exactly where these fires are burning.

attachment-attachment-scott fire department grass fire

An interactive website, fireweatheravalanche.org, keeps up with the wildfires across the US, including Louisiana.

Fireweatheravalanche.org has a ton of useful, helpful information concerning each fire.

It lists where the fires are located, the area that has burned, if the fire is considered "Minimal, Medium, or High-Extreme", in addition to a myriad of information that will answer any questions you might have concerning any Louisiana wildfires.

Check out the map now at fireweatheravalanche.org.

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