Chances are you have encountered a story about the "creepy clowns" that have been making appearances across the country. Obviously these are just some n'er do wells hoping for their fifteen minutes of internet fame before they return to their parent's basements to continue their quest for a video game princess.

There have been arrests made across the country in connection with this internet hoax.There have been reports of these hucksters or wannabee hucksters playing their childish game in Louisiana. Chances are there will be more.Childish pranks seem to be what social media was made for.

Many law enforcement agencies say their biggest fear with this very sick joke is that someone will be injured or killed. Police also suggest that the "just kidding" defense about threats made on social media will not hold up in court when these perpetrators are captured. While these pranksters may consider their actions childish and fun, law enforcement and the courts will view the matters quite differently if threats are made.

The bigger issue is that because of social media these clowns and their "threats" have now occurred on a local level. The comments reported on social media have taken on a different tone. That has many parents have rightfully concerned.  A KATC TV 3 report indicated there was a social media mention of Comeaux High School by an internet clown.

Local police and law enforcement say they have no credible reports of any dangerous clowns in the area. Lafayette Parish Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donald Aguillard says at this time there is no culpable threat or danger to any students or teachers.

School personnel are always vigilant about strange people or strange actions that are observed in and around campuses. Law enforcement agencies encourage you to report any suspicious or strange activities to them as you would normally whether someone was wearing a clown mask or not.

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