Do you ever wonder what your favorite Halloween character does in the "off-season"? What do they do in the months and weeks leading up to October?

One TikTok user is giving us the inside look at what he thinks Michael Myers goes through as "one of the greats".

In what is being dubbed as "best video on tiktok", user Gavinblake23 gives us a 2021 update on what Michael's life is day to day, when he isnt slashing up a storm or terrorizing the neighborhood.

The one minute video will have you laughing from beginning to end. It already has over 3 million views on TikTok and being spread like wildfire through Twitter.

Kaylin King

Big Mike keeps his workout regiment TIGHT. He outruns the treadmill, downs two raw eggs for breakfast, and hits the weights hard. No pain, no gain! I guess you have to been in shape to stalk people for over 40 years. Although, I have never seen him run in any capacity in his movies. Guess he is just flexin'.

attachment-mm dolls

Like any other tall, dark and quiet man...the girls stay on his phone. Michael says he has to constantly curve the dolls (literally, Annabelle). He says he is too busy hustling to be tied down! Halloween is go time, ladies! No time for distractions.

As soon as this viral video hit the internet, the reactions went through the roof.

In the video, Michael says he is up there with Jackson, Jordan, and Phelps. He rounds out the 4 Michael's and this person agreed and took it further by photoshopping their faces on Mt. Rushmore.

This one should be obvious. All hail Queen Tiffany Valentine! I'm sure even the psychopath part of Michael Myers wouldn't even consider this move.

SIGN ME UP! Can you imagine Michael, Jason, Freddy, and Ghostface all drinking wine and gossiping on their lastest kills? Take my money, I am IN!

Here is the full video:

This is why Halloween is my favorite time of year. A parody of Santa Claus doesn't go off as well as a parody of a psychopath who is loved by none. I hope this guy does more Halloween character 'Inside Interviews'. PURE GOLD.

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