It's bad enough being drunk and driving. It's worse when you're drunk and driving and disobey traffic signs. It's even worse when you're drunk and driving and disobeying traffic signs and you crash into a parked State Trooper.  That's exactly what happened to a Texas man yesterday.

According to a State Police news release, yesterday about Noon, Troopers were working an accident on I-210 in Sulphur Louisiana. Due to lane blockage on the Interstate ramp, traffic was being diverted off the roadway at an earlier exit.

It was during this investigation that a 2010 Nissan driven by Fredrico Torres of Texas City Texas ignored the road blocks and drove around the barriers. Mr. Torres also ignored hand signals by personnel on the scene that directed him to stop. Shortly after ignoring these signs and warnings Mr. Torres crashed his vehicle into a fully marked State Police cruiser. Not only was the cruiser marked it had emergency lights flashing.

The force of the impact sent the police vehicle forward where it impacted a pedestrian and Trooper First Class Derek Cormier. Both Trooper Cormier and the pedestrian were taken to local hospitals. Trooper Cormier suffered moderate injuries and the pedestrian reported minor injuries. Mr. Torres, the driver, was not injured.

After the incident Mr. Torres was removed from his wrecked vehicle and given a sobriety text. He was found to be three times the legal limit for alcohol impairment. He was arrested and charged with 3rd Offense DWI, negligent injuring, careless operation and disregard of traffic control. He was booked into the Calcasieu Parish correctional center. The crash remains under investigation.

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