That awkward moment when you're drunk and gravity isn't, ahhh such is the life of a sports fan. If you watch drunks like I do you will see they have one thing in common. They may fall flat on their faces, skin their knees or even bust their backsides but they still maintain a level cup.

If you are a drinker you have probably been in this position. You're watching an event or enjoying a day in the sun sipping a beverage or two. Then you have this crazy idea that you're going to stand up. That's when things go really wrong.

This Cricket fan learns the hard way. I don't blame him, if I had to watch Cricket I might want to be medicated myself. At least he saved the last sip and managed to get his shades back on before he lost them. Cheers my friend and don't forget to apologize to all of those people you just dumped beer on.

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