Here's something that most of us assumed was already going on so I'm a bit surprised by the announcement made by Apple yesterday.

There is a new feature coming to iPhones later this year that will tell 911 your exact location when you call.

I would have thought this was already happening but 911 has never been to use your cell signal to pinpoint your location like they can with a landline. They can only see the towers you're close to, which just gives the dispatchers a general area.

The issue with the current situation is that 80% of 911 calls are made from cell phones and callers aren't always able to articulate where they're located.

With this new feature, no matter if you know where you are or not, they will know your location and get help to you faster.

And if you are one who doesn't like "Big Brother", then you will have the option in your settings to turn 911 tracking off.


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