The IRS says that due to complications with the pandemic in 2020, there are $1.5 billion in unclaimed tax returns from 2019. The deadline to file and claim yours is coming up soon. Here's what you need to know.

Tax Filer Feels Crunch Of April 15 Tax-Filing Deadline
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$1.5 Billion In Unclaimed Tax Returns

The IRS says in a recent press release that there are $1.5 billion in unclaimed tax returns from 2019. You can still file to claim yours, but the deadline is approaching.

KLFY reports "Taxpayers have until July 17 to submit a tax return and get the money they are owed."

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel says that due to the pandemic of 2020, many taxpayers simply forgot about their tax returns for 2019.

Any tax returns not claimed by the July 17, 2023 deadline will become the property of the U.S. Treasury.

From KLFY -

"Tax attorney Adam Brewer told Nexstar 'File a return by the deadline, send it certified so you can confirm it was received, and be persistent if you don’t hear back from the IRS.'"

Kelly Sikkema via
Kelly Sikkema via

If you haven't filed taxes for 2020 or 2021 and file for your 2019 tax return, keep in mind your refund might be delayed and will be applied to offset any money owed to the IRS or state tax agencies.

It could also be used to pay any federal student loans or back child support.


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