We love Louisiana, Acadiana, and everything about living here - even in the dawg days of summer, and we can certainly understand why other people, who aren't from here, would like it too!

We recently were taken aback by an article from KM8 News that stated that actor Harrison Ford, who celebrated his 74th birthday yesterday, wanted to hang up his Hollywood shoes, and make the move to beautiful New Iberia Louisiana. According to KM8's story, Ford said he was just tired of the Hollywood lifestyle, and needed to be around some real, genuine people, and he found that in New Iberia. As awesome as that sounds, it was kind of puzzling, until we did some investigating on the story.

Turns out KM8 News is a 'fantasy website', and most articles are satire or pure fantasy. Ok then. It sure would have been nice to have Harrison Ford, and his wife, actress Calista Flockhart, be a judges at the annual World Championship Gumbo Cookoff in October! Read the whole article here, and have a good chuckle, ya'll. And by the way, New Iberia is a really, really awesome place to set down roots!

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