It is looking as if this summer might appear to be more of a normal summer than last years was. At least this year we are talking about the possibility of sending kids to Summer Camps. While many parents may not be quite ready to climb on board that bandwagon, the Centers for Disease Control has issued new guidelines for those that do wish to send their kids to a camp this summer.

Over the weekend the Centers for Disease Control issued those guidelines to not only help parents but to help camp facilitators provide a great camp experience while keeping campers and staff safe. Among the issues addressed in the new guidelines were social distancing and what kinds of activities should or shouldn't be encouraged by campers and staff.

Vaccinations were a key component of the CDC guidelines. The agency suggested that all camp personnel aged 16 and over be vaccinated against coronavirus. The new guidelines also showed continued support for mitigation protocols such as frequent hand washing and the wearing of masks.

The revamped guidelines also suggested that campers should try and maintain a distance of at least three feet between them, that distance doubles to six feet while campers and staff are eating and drinking. The new guidelines also discouraged the gathering of campers in large groups. As you might imagine the new guidance encouraged camp facilitators to have campers outside as much as possible too.

I guess the encouraging aspect of this is the fact that we will be allowed to have summer camps this year. That is certainly an improvement over where we were as a nation at this time last year. We encourage parents to visit with prospective camp organizers and become familiar with their full lineup of protocols before committing their children to attend that camp.

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