Is art an imitation of real life or does real life look to art to find its inspiration? Chances are this is the first time art and the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby have ever been mentioned in the same sentence.

Talladega Nights is the story of a good ol' boy stock car racer and his attempts to stay in front of the pack when an invading Formula 1 driver comes on the seen. The movie is full of NASCAR stereotypes and some good old poking fun at life in the south. Did you ever wonder who Ricky Bobby may have been based on?

I can't say for sure but if you watch this video of real life NASCAR star Darrell Waltrip and listen very closely you just might hear some similarity between Ricky Bobby and real life. In this video Waltrip is a passenger in a car driven by V-8 Super Car driver Jason Bright. Waltrip does everything but soil himself.


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