When I was a kid it was impossible to get away with doing anything wrong or stupid, my Mom would always know exactly what happened before I even got home. Such were the ways of small town America, a network of neighbors and friends all making sure everybody behaved. This is not small town America and The Apple Computer people are not your mother. However if you have an I-phone then chances are they know where you are, and where you've been. Does that bother you? If it doesn't I'd love to tell you why I think it should. While I believe it is true that a locked door will only keep an honest man out I don't buy into the statement of "if I am not doing anything wrong then why should it matter who knows where I am".  First I am glad some of you are that honest, second I am sorry that some of you are that gullible. Apple and every other major corporation values any information they can get when it comes to potential customers. Know where your shop, what roads you take to work everyday, the kind of neighborhood you live in are all valuable tools when it comes to selling you the next big thing. What Apple was hacked and the information of your where abouts and where you drop your kids off for school or day care fell into the hands of evil doers? Still comfortable with Apple or anybody else knowing too much of your personal business? I think it's called a "private life" for a reason. I think it's something that we the people, not Apple the giant have control off. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome but remember Steve Jobs and his posse will monitor what ever you type.