We've had a decent run the past couple of years of popping up on pretty good lists. However, the pendulum eventually swings the other way. Louisiana has just been called "The Trashiest State In The Country" and here's why...

WWL.com reports that according to Louisiana State Parks Director Robert Barham, we have the most litter of any State in the entire country. He's not trying to pick a fight, Barham says it's true.

He says he's been in every State in the U.S. and has never seen anything like what he sees in Louisiana when it comes to public litter.

Barham says "I challenge anyone to find a place that has more litter than Louisiana. Arkansas and Mississippi are cleaner than Louisiana and we ought to hang our heads in shame.

He says he hopes we can hopefully educate the younger generations of Louisianians to do a better job than we've done.

Barham would also like to see law enforcement keep a sharper eye out for litterbugs, but that ultimately it's up to us to the right thing and keep Louisiana clean.



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