First let me give credit to Tracy Wirtz and KATC TV 3 for bringing this story to my attention. Tracy and I were discussing tax preparation and different software that folks like me and you can use to help us navigate through the I.R.S. web of confusion. That is when she pulled out this little fact and shared it with me, so I am sharing it with you. If you plan on itemizing your Federal Return, the I.R.S. says just hang on to it.

The IRS won’t let itemizers (or people who claim either the college tuition or educator expense deductions) file until mid- to late-February. Why? Because Congress didn’t pass the 2010 tax act until mid-December. The IRS needs time to reprogram its computers to accommodate new tax rules—actually old rules since the tax act mainly extended last year’s law through 2012.

It's easy to whine about taxes, I know I do. However, if you think about it we really do get a lot for our money, some of it could be spent better or not spent at all in my opinion but I don't mind paying to keep America strong. I hate paying for lazy good- for- nothings that leach off the system. If I offended you then, get off the computer and go get a job!

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