Monday morning, I am running late for work and hadn't had my usual morning coffee. I decided to stop at Community Coffee and grab one on the way to work. I am in line behind a lady waiting for her order thinking "Ok lady I am running late and really need to get to work. Let's speed things up a bit." She eventually gets her order and I pull up to the window only to be told that the lady had paid for my coffee. I stopped for a second to take in what had just happened. No, it wasn't a serious situation, but that had never happened to me before and it immediately brought a huge smile to my face. I kicked myself in my butt for not returning the favor for the gentleman behind me. However, I knew I would somehow get the opportunity again.

Fortunately, I did get the opportunity. This morning, I stopped to grab Bruce and I McDonald's. My morning started a little rough so I just wanted to get to work (once again). I ordered and pulled up to the window to pay only to find that the lady in front of me had paid for my order. I wasn't forgetting this time! I proudly paid for the guys behind me and went on my merry way.

I'm not sure who these two ladies are, but (in my book) they have hearts of gold. I did not get to thank either of them that is what I would like to do now. Ladies, your simple gift truly made my days and warmed my heart. So Thank You very much!

Here's my challenge to you Dawgs. Next time you are in line of people or maybe even see someone in need, think about doing something nice for them. It is quite rewarding


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