A pregnant woman on Reddit is fuming after her fiancé told his family the sex of their baby before she herself even found out. Worst of all, the couple had already agreed to a gender reveal plan!

"Today, I had my anatomy scan to find out the gender. My fiancé and I had been debating on how to find out the gender. He just wanted to know immediately. I wanted to do a reveal party with close family," she wrote.

"I thought a compromise would be if we knew and then surprised everyone else. When driving home I thought it might be fun if my fiancé knew and then planned a surprise for me. We had talked in length about us knowing first. He’s on board and seems happy with this plan," the pregnant woman continued on Reddit.

However, when she returned home after running an errand, she discovered her fiancé had already told his parents the sex of their unborn baby.

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"I can not describe how horrible I feel. I have never felt so heartbroken and betrayed before. I felt like he took away my choice. I feel that this special moment has been completely ruined. I also hate that his family knows and mine doesn’t. He had also told his sister which he lied about," the woman shared.

The mom-to-be was initially hoping to do a remote gender reveal during their honeymoon, but now doesn't know how to proceed forward.

"I guess I just need help finding how to move past the disappointment and sadness I feel. I want to be excited because tomorrow he has something planned to reveal the gender and it’s also my bachelorette [party]," she explained.

"I just can’t get past it yet even though I know he wasn’t being malicious," the expectant mother concluded her post.

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Users in the comments tried to comfort the woman, with many roasting her fiancé for not keeping his word.

"This would be a major breach of trust for me," one person wrote.

"Make sure to tell your partner before the baby is born how important all first milestones are. Of course, one parent may miss something that can't be helped. But it’s really painful to be left out of these special moments even if it’s just from being oblivious. More importantly, I hope you recover quickly and are home with the baby soon," someone else weighed in.

"Wow this was so mean of him or is he just incredibly oblivious!?! I honestly don’t know what to suggest to move past this but he definitely needs to give you a sincere apology explaining why what he did was so awful," another user commented.

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