Someone in Louisiana wanted a Mardi Gras King Cake, and they took more than they'll ever eat.

As we approach Mardi Gras the demand for King Cakes is at an all-time high and someone allegedly stole a bunch of them from a van in Metairie on Monday morning.

FOX 8 in New Orleans reports, "A king cake distributor in Metairie says that 100 king cakes were stolen from their delivery van."

King Cake Drive-Thru, which does serve King Cakes from their van, reported on social media that they were robbed of 100 cakes while at  Duckworth Tires at 1009 Metairie Road.

Here's their post from social media.

We hope that the person(s) responsible for this theft are caught as this small business seems to take pride in serving their friends in the community.

Let this unfortunate situation for this small business be a lesson for all, be sure to lock and secure your possessions because there's always someone out there looking to take what is not their's.


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