The principal who was at the center of controversy at Walker High School in 2023 has been hired to be the principal at Acadiana High School for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.

Jason St. Pierre was the principal of Walker High School in Livingston Parish when his decisions about a student's actions at an off-campus event caused backlash from the community.

Kaylee Timonet was seen in a video that circulated on social media twerking at a private party after homecoming. This prompted St. Pierre to take away his endorsement of her for a scholarship and he stripped her of her position on the Student Government Association.

Kaylee Timonet and Rachel Timonet
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After news of what he did circulated, the community backlash was severe. The 17-year-old's mother, Rachel, told The Advocate that St. Pierre scolded her daughter by printing out Bible verses and telling her she wasn't "living in the Lord's way."

Rachel Timonet expressed her disapproval of the school's initial reaction, stating,

If it was something that she did on school grounds and they addressed it, that’s fine. But addressing something based on a personal belief, especially when I, as her mother, was present and saw nothing inappropriate, is unfair.

Eventually, St. Pierre apologized and changed his decision regarding the Student Government Association position and reaffirmed support of her relating to her scholarship.

We spoke with Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Francis Touchet about why he decided to hire St. Pierre. Touchet says that St. Pierre is an excellent, experienced choice to spearhead Acadiana High School.

As far as the controversy last year, Touchet says he was aware of the situation, but when he spoke to the superintendent of Livingston Parish Schools, he felt confident that St. Pierre has the experience to lead the school.

Touchet says St. Pierre went through the background check like any other prospective new employee and has a clean record. Touchet says he believes St., Pierre is the right person for the job.

The Lafayette superintendent says that no one likes change, but it's what is needed to move the district forward. He is confident in his selection of St. Pierre due to his background of being able to make changes needed for the growth of the school.

Touchet says he has complete confidence in St. Pierre's knowledge of what is needed for a great school to be even more successful. He says speaking with the prior superintendent of schools in Livingston Parish, he found that St. Pierre was an excellent principal.

St. Pierre won a national award in 2022 being named the "Varsity Brands School Spirit Principal of the Year". The award came with $3,000 for Walker High School. At the time of the award, Varsity Brands had the following to say about St. Pierre

This principal understands the essential link between school spirit and student achievement and supports academics and athletics alike.

Still, some people who heard about the appointment of St. Pierre as principal early are being vocal about their thoughts on the subject. This is from an anonymous member of a Facebook group that talks about issues in Lafayette Parish schools:

Parents should know that the new principal of Acadiana high for the 24-25 school year is a guy named Jason St. Pierre. This is the same guy who made national news for taking away the scholarship from a girl for twerking at a party outside of school. He apologized for it and took a personal leave from December to now…. and so now that he’s done with his leave he is switching districts to LPSS. Do we really want someone who made national news to be leading a school???

The following are Touchet's comments that were sent out to the public today via press release about St. Pierre:

Mr. Jason St.Pierre Principal of Acadiana High School- Mr. Jason St. Pierre brings a wealth of experience from his 25 years in education, including 15 years as principal of Walker High School. "Having successfully led one of the largest high schools in the state, Mr. St. Pierre's experience as a principal is invaluable.

 We are pleased to welcome him to the district and the Scott community," states Superintendent Francis Touchet, Jr. Mr. St.Pierre's career in education began at Denham Springs Freshman High, where he served as a teacher and coach. He quickly moved into administrative roles, becoming an assistant principal at Denham Springs High School and later the principal of Freshwater Elementary. He also led Walker Freshman High School as principal before his promotion to principal of Walker High School.

Throughout his career, Mr. St.Pierre has been dedicated to fostering educational environments promoting academic and vocational success. At Walker High, he was instrumental in transforming the school into a 21st-century learning institution, emphasizing the integration of college preparatory and career training programs. He established strong partnerships with the business community, creating hands-on learning opportunities for students and ensuring they graduate with the skills needed for higher education and the workforce.

 In recognition of his exceptional leadership and commitment to student life, Mr. St.Pierre was honored as the 2022 Varsity Brands School Spirit Principal of the Year, a prestigious national award celebrating principals who significantly enhance the student experience. In 2023, he was nominated as one of Louisiana’s semi-finalists for the state’s Principal of the Year award. Mr. St.Pierre is eager to bring his vision and expertise to Acadiana High School, where he aims to inspire staff and students to achieve new heights of excellence. Mr. St.Pierre is a Navy veteran with a bachelor's degree from Southeastern Louisiana University and a master’s degree in Education Leadership from Southern University.

In addition to the press release this morning, Superintendent Touchet also sent us the following statement:

Over the past few weeks, the Lafayette Parish School System has experienced many changes in administration. And while we acknowledge that these changes may be difficult, please understand that every decision is made with the best interest of our students. We want to reassure the community that LPSS has a stringent hiring process in place, which includes thorough background checks, and in-depth personal interviews.


Acadiana High School's new principal, Mr. Jason St. Pierre, is currently employed in Livingston Parish as the principal of Walker High School. His tenured success as principal of Walker High is evident:

(School Performance Score of 101.3 A; School Assessment Letter Grade of B; Graduation rate of an A; Progress Index of an A)


As the former Louisiana Department of Education Network Leader, I visited Walker High School multiple times during my tenure. Mr. St. Pierre's leadership qualities, instructional practices, and community support were of the highest quality.

I firmly believe that Mr. St. Pierre is a great fit for Acadiana High School. I look forward to working with him, the faculty and staff, and parents and students to continue great things at AHS.

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