Scott firefighters battled a blaze at a home on Oak Perry Drive that officials believe was started by lightning.

Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier says that when their firefighters got to the scene there was heavy smoke coming from the home.

They began to put water onto the roof and that's when the venting of the fire through the roof happened.

Low water pressure hampered efforts, but they called in reinforcements from other departments and within about 50 minutes the blaze at the home was put out.

Officials say that they were investigating it was determined it was likely a lightning strike to the home that caused the fire to start.

Friday night, a major thunderstorm with a huge amount of lightning moved through the Acadiana area. While there was rain, the major portion of the activity was from lightning through the different parishes.

The fire started on the roof and tore through the attic of the home. High winds were also a factor in helping the fire spread.

Sonnier says they are continuing to investigate the house fire.

He adds the fire destroyed the home. He says he appreciates the help of the following department to get the blaze under control:

Carencro Fire Department

Duson Fire Department

Lafayette Fire Department

Mire Fire Department

Richard Fire Department

Cankton Fire Department

All those who responded provided their help and water to help halt the fire.

Thankfully, no one was injured due to the fire. The fire, and presumed lightning strike started around 8:45 Friday evening.

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