Alright, who is planning to celebrate, "Mailbox Improvement Week?"

It's not a national holiday or anything, but this is a real week set aside each year to remind those of us who receive mail that we are supposed to follow some rules.

This is a real thing from Sunday, May 19, 2024, until Saturday, May 25, 2024. It happens each year on the third week in May.

Photo courtesy of Philippe Murray Pietsch, xiqCrk6LvTg, viaUnsplash

Here are the rules that we are supposed to follow for our mailboxes:

  • Your mailbox needs to be approved by the Postmaster General
  • Your mailbox must be fully operational
  • Your mailbox needs to be able to protect your mail from the weather
  • Your mailbox must be safe to use
  • Your mailbox has to be conveniently located so your delivery person can reach each
  • Your mailbox must be neat in appearance
  • Your mailbox needs to be large enough, within allowable size limits, to support the customer's daily mail and package volume
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This is confession time. Someone who is crafting this story may have a really UGLY mailbox! The rules above may have the author of this story laughing at herself. You should know that the author does follow all of the rules above.....barely. There might be a slight "leaning tower of Pisa" thing happening with the mailbox. It's a good thing that it still functions.

Most of us are trying to pay the bills received in the mail, and so we likely don't want to have to think of how to pay for improvements to the mailbox! LOL!

From the moment we bought the mailbox it has leaned. It's not super dramatic, but eventually, it will tip over. I can't bear the thought though of having to pay for a new mailbox! Ugh! I also don't want to think of having to install it, so I'm going to just let things ride as I have for the last ten years.

Photo courtesy of Chad Peltola, HmORQ3, 8yuM, Unsplash

I've checked the prices of mailboxes in front of a house, and they range anywhere from $66 dollars on up. Let's just say, I'm not being mean, but I'm going to just leave my mailbox, in its current condition.

If you want more information, you can click here.

Only one day a year is set aside for the people who deliver our mail. National Thank a Mail Carrier Day. It happens on February 4, 2025.

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