Some parts of South Louisiana received a few inches of rain on Tuesday, while others received a large amount of hail.

Storms pushed through Acadiana by mid-morning on Tuesday and along with frequent lightning and thunder came large pieces of hail. At times the hail that fell on Tuesday morning was the size of coins and even golf balls.

Videos and photos on social media showed dangerous-sized hail falling to the ground and some photos even showed damage to property in the Acadiana region.

Most of the severe storms stayed north of I-10, but there were some reports of dangerous lighting and strong winds south of Lafayette on Tuesday morning.

Check out some of the videos and photos that we came across after storms moved through by early Tuesday afternoon.

The good news is we do get a break in the rain and storms, but could see another round of storms in the Acadiana area by Friday as temperatures cool off for the weekend.

Here's a good photo that shows just how much hail fell to the ground on Tuesday morning in the Richard and Church Point area.

Another photo shows damage to a home by the hail, which is a good indication of how strong the winds were as storms swept across Acadiana.

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