This one parade marshal in Louisiana had many heads turning and cameras pointing at him during a recent Mardi Gras parade.

WDSU was covering a parade in Metairie, LA when they focused on Neuty the Nutria, who was the parade marshal.

While in the arms of its handler, Neuty noticed that someone nearby was holding a glass of champagne as they were toasting him, and he did his best to take part in the festivities.


Yes, the massive-sized rodent leaned in for a sip of champagne, but he did not appear to get a sip from the woman's glass.

Being that this happened during Mardi Gras, I am not shocked to see this. After all, who doesn't want a sio of an adult beverage on "Fat Tuesday"?

Check out the moment Neuty nearly got a sip of someone's champagne while in the parade, and while being honored as the parade marshal.


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