Two people were severely injured in a crash that happened on Andres Road in Scott in Louisiana on Friday.

Scott Fire Department Chief Chad Sonnier says they received a call about a truck that had gone off the roadway in the 200 block of Andress Road at around 6 o'clock Friday evening.

Sonnier says when emergency personnel arrived on the scene they found that the passenger in the truck had been thrown out of the vehicle, and the driver of the truck was stuck in the vehicle.

Firefighters who responded to the scene found they were going to have to get the driver of the commercial truck out of the vehicle. They began working on that while other emergency personnel began to help the victim who was thrown out of the truck.

Wreck Scene 2
Photo courtesy of Scott Police Department

Sonnier says from what they can tell, the commercial truck ended up leaving the roadway, for reasons that are still unknown at this time and hit a tree. The box truck ended up stopping between two trees.

Lafayette Fire Department Hazmat and Rescue officials were also called to the scene after it was determined there was a significant diesel leak coming from the truck.

Sonnier says that emergency personnel deployed a handline to protect firefighters and the victims. They worked to save both individuals who were eventually taken to an area hospital.

Officials were able to get the trapped victim out of the box truck, and both were taken for treatment at a hospital. Both are said to be in serious condition.

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