Officials with the Lafayette Crime Stoppers and the Lafayette Police Department are hoping someone will help to identify three men seen on surveillance footage and accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from the Super Target on Ambassador Caffery.

The costs of goods and services just seem to go up each day. Getting a bag full of groceries and a few household items costs much more than it did just a few short years ago.

People who steal items from stores only drive up prices for the rest of us.

Let this sink in. A report from Capitol One showed the following statistics for how retail theft impacts business in Louisiana:

  • Retailers in Louisiana lost $1.058 million in revenue to theft in 2022.
  • Return fraud cost Louisiana retailers an estimated $1.149 billion in sales revenue, bringing lost sales revenue up to $2.208 billion.

That's plenty of money that ends up being put on regular consumers.

Target Theft Suspect 1
Lafayette Crime Stoppers

Lafayette Police officials are hoping someone will recognize the three men, and more importantly, that they will share that information with them.

Does this sound familiar? It is similar to the story written by our colleague about Lafayette Crime Stoppers trying to identify a woman who allegedly took over $10,000 worth of goods from the Super Target on Ambassador Caffery and the Super Target on Louisiana Avenue.

Target Theft Suspect 2
Lafayette Crime Stoppers

The woman was subsequently identified according to Lafayette officials.

On April 17, Lafayette Police officials say two of the three suspects pictured here bypassed all the stations to pay before leaving the story that Wednesday evening with $657.96 worth of merchandise.

But, that's not all. Law enforcement officials say they were then notified by store officials that these three men are responsible for multiple other thefts that total $6,000.

Target Theft Suspect 3
Lafayette Crime Stoppers

Do you know any of these men? If so, Lafayette Crime Stoppers wants to hear from you. You can anonymously give information by calling 337-232-TIPS(8477).

You can also anonymously give information by downloading and using the P3 TIPS Mobile App. You can also dial **TIPS(**8477) on your phone.

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