A woman has been arrested by the Baton Rouge Police Department for attempted kidnapping after police said she repeatedly snuck into Our Lady of the Lake's Children's Hospital.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Dept. Dinesty Selmon, 21, was arrested for seven counts of unauthorized entry of a place of business (hospital) and one count of attempted kidnapping.

Selmon, who never had a child in the Baton Rouge hospital, was able to obtain a badge from the hospital that allowed her access to a part of the hospital where sick kids are being treated, and that is when she breached a room where a kid was.

After not being allowed to enter PICU after visiting hours, Selmon allegedly followed other parents in and was later escorted out.

She would allegedly return to the hospital a number of times and on February 9 she returned with her boyfriend and entered a room where she told him her child was being treated. Selmon told her boyfriend that the child's name was "Lenyx Morgan".

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Well, that was not her child in the room and while there, she obtained the child's medical records, which led her to make future doctor appointments for the child.

According to WBRZ, Selmon's boyfriend became skeptical of the situation after he noticed the baby's name on the door and in the room where they entered was different from the one his girlfriend presented to him and his family.

Soon after, it was determined that Selmon had breached hospital security.

The hospital was able to provide the Baton Rouge Police Dept. with Selmon's identification information from a prior visit and that is how they were able to track her down in Shreveport, Louisiana, and extradite her to Baton Rouge.

In a separate report from WAFB, Police say that the child was never taken or removed from the hospital room.

This complex case is still under investigation and WAFB posted this statement from Our Lady of The Lake Hospital.

"Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is committed to providing best-in-class pediatric care and to bringing a Spirit of Healing to our patients and our community. We value the trust the community has placed in us to care for children across the state and the safety of our patients is one of our highest priorities. We are grateful to local law enforcement for their support in this case."


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