A peaceful neighborhood in mid-city Lafayette has been disrupted following a series of unsettling incidents, highlighted by shocking surveillance footage of a man armed with a rifle snooping around properties and carports. The disturbing visuals have sparked fear and concern among residents, leading to an urgent call for increased vigilance.

The footage, shared by local resident Holly Bullara and circulating on social media, has been viewed and shared nearly 200 times, capturing the community's attention. It shows a man, rifle in hand, walking near vehicles and through the neighborhood, igniting fears of potential burglaries or worse. Bullara, alarmed by the footage, promptly contacted the police to report the armed individual's suspicious activities.

A separate incident was reported the same evening involving a mysterious visitor ringing doorbells and then hastily departing in a vehicle. Although it remains unconfirmed whether this was the same individual caught on camera with the weapon, the timing and proximity of the incidents have raised suspicions.

An officer responding to Bullara's report noted the man appeared to be "sweating and stumbling." The police have confirmed the presence of an individual wielding a rifle.

Bullara has advised her neighbors to lock their doors, remain vigilant, and keep carport lights on to deter potential intruders. The community beyond the neighborhood where the footage was captured has also responded, expressing their horror at the visuals and offering support to Bullara. Some residents have shared their camera footage as well, contributing to a growing trend of suspicious activities in the area.


This incident is not isolated. Surveillance footage from the Mark Ridge subdivision in Carencro and a report from Vermilion Parish have documented similar alarming activities, including armed vehicle burglaries and thefts. In one particularly brazen crime, thieves stole a Dodge truck from a neighborhood, as reported by KADN News 15. The victims, Courtney Atwell, and her husband were targeted while they slept, with the thieves making off with valuable possessions and leaving locals uneasy.

Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillon highlighted the seriousness of these crimes, urging anyone with information to come forward and assist law enforcement. What may be the worst part of all of this is that the safety in all of these communities has been compromised, with residents rethinking their security measures and reminding neighbors to be vigilant.

We've reached out to Lafayette PD to ask if there have been any other alarming instances similar to the ones described in this story and while we haven't heard back just yet, it's always a good idea to stay alert, secure your property, and report any suspicious behavior.

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