Are these social media pranks going too far?

A woman, who just gave birth to twins, was shopping at the Target store in Tustin, California when she fell victim to a new social media prank.

The prank involves someone putting a bucket on a stranger's head, while cameras catch their reaction to the bucket on their head/face.

Well, four young boys allegedly put a bucket on Lana Clay-Monaghan's head while she was shopping for baby products and that is when she says everything went dark and quiet.

The new mother told KTLA, “Everything went quiet, dark and there was really no air. I flipped off what was put over me, around my neck, and I turned around and looked over my left shoulder. To my dismay, it was a group of individuals who were filming me, seemingly for some sort of prank or maybe for something like TikTok.”

Lana Clay-Monaghan says that she developed epilepsy during her cancer battle and because of the lack of air during this stunt, she fainted in the aisle of this store.

According to the news station's report, police are reviewing the store's video surveillance and they hope to identify the four young men who did this to the new mother.

The prank we are referring to in this story has been labeled as the "Stranger Bucket Challenge."

The woman who was the victim of this social media prank in Target is still recovering from this scary incident while police continue to look through TikTok for this particular "prank".


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