(New Orleans, Louisiana) - In New Orleans Louisiana anything seems to be possible including sword combat. According to the New Orleans Police Department, a sword stabbing took place in New Orleans around the 1300 block of Decatur Street.

This event led to one person dying and one person being injured and brought to the hospital. The person who was injured is in stable condition now. According to WGNO the man who initiated the stabbing was the person who died. After the perpetrator stabbed the victim, the victim took the sword away and fatally stabbed the initiator in self-defense.

Social Media Reacts To The Sword Attack (Explicit Tweets)

Photo Credit: Twitter/@StacksBiggaveLL
Photo Credit: Twitter/@StacksBiggaveLL

What a crazy series of events that took place in New Orleans today. The fact that someone got stabbed took said weapon and then defended themselves is crazy. As more information is released, we will keep you up to date.

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