You may want to take note of these markings on trees.

As we enter the months of Spring and Summer, more and more of us will be outdoors exploring.

Well, did you know that various color markings on trees, usually with the letter "X" has a particular meaning?

If not, no worries as we will outline what the various colors of markings on trees really mean.

Let's start with an ORANGE "X" on a tree. If you see an orange "X" on a tree, you should probably turn around and walk back in the direction you came.

The orange "X" notes a property line and beyond the orange "X" is usually property that belongs to the government.

And one thing you never want to do is trespass onto the property that belongs to the government. The consequences could be severe.


Now, if you see a PURPLE "X" on a tree that usually signifies you're about to be on private property. A colleague of mine recently told me that you see a lot of these color markings on trees in Arkansas.

Lastly, if you're outdoors and you come across a tree with a RED "X" on it, that usually means that the land you're on belongs to the U.S. Forest Service.

I do want to note here that these color markings are not universal, which means they could have other meanings.

For example, an "X" may be used by a logging company to signify if a tree is or is not to be cut down.


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