A bomb threat received at approximately 8:49 am today has led to the evacuation of all three Lafayette courthouses, according to local law enforcement officials. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Lafayette Police Department are actively investigating the threat, which has significantly disrupted court operations and heightened security concerns in the area.

UPDATE 12:30P:

The Federal Courthouse is open and streets are opening. The Parish Courthouse is still set to reopen at 1 pm.

UPDATE 11:50A:

According to LPSO Public Information Officer Valerie Ponseti, a sweep of the Parish courthouse has concluded and the perimeter around it has been lifted. The courthouse will still reopen at 1 pm.


Marshal Reggie Thomas says that the Lafayette City Courthouse has been given the all-clear after a thorough investigation was completed. All scheduled court dates will resume as normal.


Valerie Ponseti, spokesperson for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, announced that the district courthouse was immediately evacuated following the receipt of the bomb threat. The facility will remain closed to the public and staff until at least 1:00 pm to allow LPSO intelligence agents to conduct a thorough search and assessment.

Sergeant Robin Green of the Lafayette Police Department provided additional details, indicating that the threat encompassed all three courthouses within the city, including the City Court, the district courthouse, and the federal courthouse. “We received a call in reference to a bomb threat at the district courthouse at about 8:49 this morning. Shortly thereafter, it was determined that the threat applied to all three courthouses,” Sgt. Green explained.

In response, law enforcement authorities have evacuated the buildings and established a secure perimeter around them. Lafayette Police are coordinating with federal authorities to manage the situation and ensure the safety of the public and courthouse employees.

Marshal Reggie Thomas says the Lafayette City Courthouse has been evacuated and dogs are currently searching the building. Thomas expects the search to last between 30 minutes to an hour and will provide updates upon its completion.

Street Closures are as follows:

  • Lafayette at Main
  • Main and Buchanan
  • Lafayette at Congress
  • Vermilion at Buchanan
  • Main at St John

Residents and those working in the vicinity of the courthouses are advised to avoid the area until further notice. The Lafayette Police Department will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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