MADISONVILLE, Texas (KPEL News) - It's getting hot once again, and going outside in the deep south is a miserable experience. But, sometimes it's our heroes who suffer the most in order to light the way for us.

Last year, we saw record heat across the south, including in Texas. That heat was bad, and it was miserable to spend too much time outside. With this summer starting out just as brutally, you can expect more signs of the heat affecting us in new and exciting ways.

But you never really know just how hot it is until it melts the face right off a beloved icon of Interstate travel. Over in Madisonville, Texas, the normally welcoming face of Buc-ee the beaver, the mascot of Buc-ee's rest stops across the south, looked like a post-apocalyptic horror of impending doom ahead.

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An account on Instagram shared a brief video of the nightmare-inducing beaver.

Temperatures were in the triple digits in Madisonville over the weekend, when the video was posted. But much of Texas has faced extreme drought conditions this summer, like much of the south. Extreme hot and dry conditions are extremely dangerous and have been known to cause damage to signs and buildings in the past.

The Instagram account that posted the video, is @herefora_moment, run by the YouTube travel vloggers known as Here for a Moment.

Hopefully, their kids were not traumatized by the beaver's Wicked West impression.

Buy Buc-ee's Locally

Luckily for us, we don't have to travel to Madison or anywhere else to get everyone's favorite Buc-ee's snacks. As previously reported, there is now a store in Lafayette that sells popular Buc-ee's snacks to those who love things like Beaver Nuggets and fudge.

Geaux Snac is a local establishment that opened at the beginning of August on Kaliste Saloom in Lafayette. They offer online ordering and a storefront you can walk into.

So, instead of braving the heat and humidity for some jerky, you just need to head into town, pick up some treats, and retreat back to your own air-conditioned home.

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