With an expected cold front coming through soon, it's almost time for the smell of a cooking roux to invade homes across Louisiana. Once the temperature drops below 75 degrees (if not sooner), the gumbo pots come out. Fall just brings out our best cooking, it seems.

There is no wrong way to make a gumbo (unless you are someone who advocates for tomatoes in your gumbo, in which case you are, in fact, wrong). But sometimes people do something so new, so different, that we stop to take a look and try to figure out if this is acceptable or not.

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A small catering business in Shreveport, Louisiana, as provided us with one such moment, and we're not sure if it's genius or madness. But it does look delicious.

We're not sure if we ever considered a buttered pastry crust with our gumbo, either, but it's an interesting addition to a classic Louisiana dish.

Given the way the crust looks, it seems like the gumbo - chicken and sausage, naturally - is put in between layers of pastry dough (think Pillsbury crescent rolls) and baked. It looks absolutely delicious and, clearly, we might need to incorporate that into our fall cooking routine.

Can you imagine walking into your home this fall, and smelling this dish?

But at the same time, we do know that people are very, very passionate about their gumbo - what goes in it, what doesn't go in it (tomatoes), etc. So, we feel like we do have to ask the big question: Do you want a gumbo pot pie?

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