LAFAYETTE, La. (103.3 The GOAT) - Football season is in full swing, currently it's week 5 of college football, week 4 of the NFL, and week 5 of high school football. With games happening throughout the week, many fans need a bite to eat while watching the game we all know and love.

So with football being a communal event or even if it is something you prefer to experience alone, we need something to fill our mouth holes while watching. Here are the top 5 food items that the community of Lafayette/Acadiana prefers to eat while watching football. We asked you throughout social media what is the best thing to eat while watching football, and here are the results.

5. Wings

Food Supply Chain Issues Create Shortage And Higher Prices On Chicken Wings
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This pick was extremely shocking; however, it wasn't shocking that wings made the list but where it fell in the rankings is. Coming in at number five we have chicken wings. To me, wings should be either one or two but you're votes were what mattered and wings just didn't get enough votes. But nothing beats wings, whether super spicy or sweet wings are just incredible. This is the perfect game day food because it's easy to eat, you don't need a fork or knife, and it's the perfect communal food.

Food Supply Chain Issues Create Shortage And Higher Prices On Chicken Wings
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

4. Sandwiches

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With the number four spot, we have sandwiches. I like this choice a lot because it's very versatile. You can have a ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken, or whatever protein you prefer sandwich. If you want to be more "Louisiana" you can do a po'boy. Again it's very easy to eat, no fork or knife is required, and it's a very versatile option. If you are having people over it's a good option because I personally don't know anyone who hates sandwiches.

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3. Cheese Dip With Beef Or Pork

At the number three spot, we have cheese dip with beef or pork. This is such a great option for gameday food. You can either cook this in the oven, the slow cooker(crock pot), or my favorite option the BBQ pit/smoker. You can add pork as the protein, beef, or chorizo. I like to combine chorizo and ground beef with the queso with some jalapenos or habaneros for some spice. Just grab a bag of corn or flour chips and you're set for the entire game. This also works if you don't want to eat a full meal. It's the perfect game snack.

2. Boudin & Cracklin

Now we're getting very Cajun with number two. At the number two spot, we have boudin and cracklins. This is extremely Louisiana and to be honest it makes sense why this made the list. Boudin and cracklins is the go-to Louisiana breakfast, and when you think about how a lot of football games happen earlier in the day it makes sense that Louisianians go for the boudin and cracklin option. Whether you go to Best Stop, Billy's, Legnon's in New Iberia, or wherever you prefer boudin, you can't go wrong with this Louisiana staple. Give me a link or two cut up, with 3 dollars worth of cracklins, a bag of BBQ lays, and an ice-cold Coca-Cola while I watch football makes me a happy fellow.

1. Gumbo

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At the number one spot, we have the quintessential Louisiana cuisine, gumbo. With football taking place in the colder months of the year, it is the perfect gameday football. Granted you will have to have a spoon and a bowl but nothing is more heartwarming than a good bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo. Give me some potato salad, some hot sauce, a bowl of gumbo, and an ice-cold Coca Cola and I'm beyond satisfied.

What is your favorite thing to eat while watching football?

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