Jake Owen is joining the growing list of artists who are mounting live-streamed shows in lieu of in-person concerts, as the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused country stars and fans alike to stay home and self-quarantine. For Owen's Instagram show, he found a fun way to make the virtual experience a little extra special.

"While we are 'flattening the curve,' I'm always trying to find a way to stay ahead of it," the singer wrote on social media. "Last night, I simply put out an Instagram story telling people that the first 50 to join me in this group chat, we would have a cool intimate conversation and experience like no other. That's exactly what happened ... it made me smile, and hopefully it made everyone else smile, in a time where we all need it most."

Owen got to hang out and chat one on one with fans over live-stream, performing songs and taking requests from his audience. He posted a snippet of the experience after the fact, adding that he planned to do it again soon.

"I'm gonna start doing this more often, and I can't wait to bring you down to the Tiki Tonk," he joked at the end of his post."

Owen has been particularly active and engaged with his fans over social media since the virus' spread ramped up in the U.S. in early March, and he's been sure to chat with fans over Twitter as well as live-streaming shows. A couple of days before hosting his live show on Instagram, Owen posted his thoughts about the pandemic and the subsequent quarantine.

"As we all know, we need to take a little pause from 'social gatherings'...a bunch of people gathering together in the same place. That's a bummer, because I like to gather with a bunch of people, and have a bunch of fun," the singer wrote. "By quarantining ourselves and our families, I do hope and pray that we as a world are able to regain health and be the great world we should be.

"I send my love and best out to the people who have been affected firsthand by this virus...I apologize to the folks that bought tickets to our shows that we won't be playing this weekend," Owen continued.

On Wednesday night (April 18), Owen will be doing a '90s country-themed livestream, via Instagram. The show will begin at 8PM ET.

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