Jake Owen has revealed a new quarantine look, and it's a real stunner for his longtime fans. The country singer turned to social media on Tuesday (July 14) to show off a new hairstyle that's a really dramatic change.

Owen shared a video to his Instagram Story on Tuesday, wearing a cap and addressing the camera from on the golf course. Owen is a former aspiring pro golfer, and he's still an avid player.

The singer casually says he's just "hitting balls" on the range, adding, "I was just thinking about something. I was just thinking ..."

Owen trails off, then quickly lifts his cap from his head with his right hand to reveal that he's trimmed his hair very short, nearly shaven (and with the sides showing lots of gray). The top is darker black, but still significantly shorter than fans have previously seen it. Owen is also shorting a short light mustache and beard in the clip.

Jake Owen via Instagram

"WHOA!" Owen shouts comically into the camera after he reveals his new look.

Owen started his career off with long dark locks, but stunned his fans previously in December of 2014 when he revealed a shorter, hip new 'do via social media. He grew his hair back out for a while before cutting it again in March of 2015.

The "Made for You" singer has mostly kept close to that look since, but recent social media postings from the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine have depicted him sporting longer, lighter hair.

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