Jamey Johnson played a concert at L'Auberge Casino Hotel in Baton Rouge last night. It wasn't quite a full length show, however.

It seems that the country singer got his knickers in a twist again because the crowd wouldn't stop talking while he performed one of his final songs. As such, he stopped mid-song, gave the audience a piece of his mind and ended the show.

Shocking from him, I know.

Johnson was performing a very poignant song of his entitled "Lead Me Home." The song was off his highly acclaimed 2006 album The Dollar.

I will give him this, it is a very touching song about one's last moments on earth as they await the Lord to take them home. "Take my hand, Lord, lead me home," the lyrics articulate.

And also, it's a song in which he frequently closes out his shows. However, when the crowd wouldn't get quiet during his performance of that song, he simply stopped, glared at the crowd and said, "goodnight y'all."

Johnson then took his guitar off and hopped back onto the mic with these parting words for the crowd:

I love performing with y'all, but I cannot express crying while conversations are going on, and it's time we go anyway. I love you. Y'all have a good night. We'll talk to y'all next time.

Again, I get it to a degree. And he gave a nice explanation as to what he was feeling and why he wrapped things up.

But then he walked away from the mic...and then came back for more. This time with a little more "p.o." in his voice.

If you think I'm wrong come up here and talk to me about it.

Yeah, he said that and then waved anyone interested to "come on up" while looking out into the crowd to see if he had any takers.

Please man, just please.

The folks at Whiskey Riff have a fan-taken video of the whole incident and you can view it here.

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff

A few of those in the audience last night took to Twitter to express their feelings. And it seems the majority of those people were understanding of where Johnson was coming from, if you will.

And then there are those who kind of feel more how I feel.


This latest incident comes just a month after Johnson made headlines telling some radio DJs in Lincoln, Nebraska to, well, go play in the woods. (His words were much harsher.)

DJs from local radio station KX96.9 took the stage to hype up the crowd in between sets, and Johnson had a big issue with that.

Again, I disagree with Mr. Johnson's actions here. I think he misunderstood that the jocks were simply doing their job and they didn't get on the stage and do anything wrong.

His contention was that they don't play his music. But you know what sir, they did, when you had hits...back 15 years ago.

Again, this is a bit of a rabbit hole we could go down and I could play devil's advocate and understand his side too. But, at the end of the day, you got to stop being a horse's behind.

Oh, and if you'd like to see Jamey Johnson in concert to see what he pulls next, he'll be at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles tonight.

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